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  • Happy Arbor Day!

    Happy Arbor Day!

    spring Everything sprouting, a hundred grass sprout Eyes full of new green, flowers unexpectedly put This is a season of hope Life, which has nurtured all winter, begins to grow The annual Arbor Day is also in the romantic spring The spring breeze is coming Let’s put down our phones, Carry ...
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  • The characteristics of tensile testing machine on the market at present

    The characteristics of tensile testing machine on the market at present

    Scope of application Applied to wire and cable, textile, waterproof material, non-woven fabric, safety belt, rubber, plastic, film, wire rope, steel bar, metal wire, metal foil, metal sheet and metal rod wire and other metal materials and non-metal materials and parts products for stretching, com...
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  • Do you know anything about drying boxes

    According to the difference of drying materials, drying boxes are divided into electric blast drying boxes and vacuum drying boxes. Nowadays, they have been widely used in chemical industry, electronic communication, plastics, cable, electroplating, hardware, automobile, photoelectric, rubber pro...
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  • Notice of Spring Festival Holiday

    Notice of Spring Festival Holiday

    Yueyang Technology Co.,Ltd. Chinese New Year holiday notice Holiday time: 19th, Jan, 2023~~30th, Jan, 2023 Wish all new and old customers a happy New Year! Smooth sailing and good luck! All the best backgammon! Emergency contact: Ms.Cathy(008615866671927)
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  • Do you know whether your mask is medical or non-medical?

    First, distinguish by name, directly judge from the name of the mask Medical mask Medical protective masks: for use in high-risk environments. Such as: fever clinic, isolation ward medical staff, intubation, high risk medical workers, etc. Surgical mask: suitable for medical personnel to wear whe...
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  • Working principle: Infrared online moisture meter:

    The near-infrared in-line moisture meter uses a high-precision infrared filter mounted on a runner and imported motors that allow reference and measurement light to pass alternately through the filter. The reserved beam is then focused on the sample being tested. First the reference light is pr...
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  • AATCC LP1-2021 –Laboratory Procedure for Home Laundering: Machine Washing

    ——LBT-M6 AATCC Washing Machine Foreword This procedure is based on laundering methods and parameters originally devel- as part of various AATCC stan- As a stand-alone laundering proto­col, it may be combined with other test methods, including those for appearance, care label verificat...
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  • Masks can generally be divided into two categories: protective masks and general masks.

    Masks can generally be divided into two categories: protective masks and general masks. Masks are mainly used to keep out the cold,And protective masks are mainly used to protect the daily life and work in a variety of particulate matter.According to the protected object Protective masks can be d...
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  • The difference between thermal deformation and Vicar softening point

    Vica softening point refers to engineering plastics, general plastics and other polymer samples in the liquid heat transfer medium, under a certain load, a certain rate of temperature, is 1mm2 needle pressed into the depth of 1mm temperature. Vica softening point is used to control polymer qualit...
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  • The selection of viscometer

    1. Do not compare data with others. If you compare the data, it is best to buy the same model or tell me the model, I can recommend the corresponding cost-effective viscometer 2. About what product to measure, do you know the approximate viscosity? If you don’t know, please provide the status, su...
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  • Happy Father’s Day

    Happy Father’s Day

    What Makes a Dad God took the strength of a mountain, The majesty of a tree, The warmth of a summer sun, The calm of a quiet sea, The generous soul of nature, The comforting arm of night, The wisdom of the ages, The power of the eagle’s flight, The joy of a morning in spring, The faith of a must...
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  • Importance Of Sweating Guarded Hotplate Testing Work

    Importance Of Sweating Guarded Hotplate Testing Work

    Sweating Guarded Hotplate Used for measuring heat and water vapor resistance under steady-state conditions.By measuring the heat resistance and water vapor resistance of textile materials, the tester provides direct data for characterizing the physical comfort of textiles, which involves a comple...
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